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Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm EST
created food dangers. no hot problem was also the problem in silver spring at el pollo kiki riki. this wasn't the first time for el pollo kiki riki. this summer, inspectors shut them down for operating with no electricity, meaning no proper refrigeration. at tysons galleria, inspectors shut down williams-sonoma, a store famous for high-end cooking supplies. in bethesda, 25 years of white table cloths and fine dining at tragara on cordell avenue, came to a sudden and potentially sickening end when inspectors cited 24 violations at the italian restaurant, finding mice droppings in both kitchens, on the shelves, storage, waiter stations, and live roaches on the meat slicer. tag tragara was in the middle of a sale. workers were assembling new chairs and polishing the now empty kitchen and changing the name. >> i guarantee you, the violations are no longer in place. my entire staff has worked very hard to get this kitchen up to code. >> reporter: all those places have been reinspected, passed and back in business. i'm russ paticek, 9 news. >> okay, russ. >>> an update tonight on a pus
Nov 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
one of those mood els takeout -- models take out the current harness pad until you get the new one. >>> a passenger was stopped at a security check point at reagan national airport this morning. >> problem was it was not a cell phone. turns out it was a stun gun designed to look like a cell phone. the usual call button actually says the word "stun." and another button says "light." the tsa officer spotted the weapon and stopped the passenger and she was off from reagan national to chicago. the woman was able to get on the flight but she had to give up the stun phone. >>> the results of today's races could change both the political and social landscapes of maryland and virginia. we'll break down some of the key races and ballot questions coming up. >> but up next, for a state heavily dependent on defense spending the stakes couldn't be higher this election day for the people of battleground virginia. >>> this evening we're taking a look at five groups of people with a serious stake in the presidential election. and there are a few groups who have more to gain or lose than defense in
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2